Preventative Dentistry in Prosper, TX

Preventative dentistry is a method of caring for your teeth to keep them healthy. This form of dentistry can help you avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more. It focuses on preventing oral health issues before they begin or get worse. 

Preventative Dentistry Explained

Regular checkups with your dentist are key for good oral health. But did you know that preventative dentistry also involves at-home care? You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day. Additionally, make sure you’re flossing correctly by wrapping the floss around your fingers and sliding it up and down between each tooth, as well as behind each back tooth.

You should also make sure you keep your regularly scheduled cleanings and exams with your dentist. Here are some of the preventative dentistry treatments that your dentist may recommend:

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Regular professional teeth cleaning is so important to your oral health, the ADA recommends getting your teeth cleaned professionally at least twice a year and more often if you have gum disease. During your cleaning appointment, the dentist will remove plaque buildup from your teeth both above and below the gum line. This helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy and comfortable in between visits! After performing a cleaning, we will also perform an oral cancer screening exam to check for any signs of mouth cancer.

Exams and X-Rays

X-rays are an important part of preventative dentistry, especially for children. They enable us to detect tooth decay early as well as show any infections or abscesses around the root of a tooth. X-rays also enable our dentists to see bone structure and developmental abnormalities such as impacted teeth. X-rays are also helpful in determining the need for braces or other orthodontic treatments. 

Fluoride Treatments

The benefits of fluoride treatments go beyond cavity prevention. Fluoride can help teeth stay strong by preventing cavities, as well as slowing tooth decay and preventing the occurrence of tooth sensitivity. It can also reverse early signs of tooth decay by remineralizing areas affected by demineralization. In other words, it can help your teeth get stronger!

Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

The best way to avoid oral health problems is to maintain good oral hygiene habits at home along with regular visits with us. However, this isn’t always possible or practical for some people. That is why we provide preventative dentistry services to help prevent common dental issues.

Here are some of the benefits of preventative dentistry:

Reduced risk of infection: Prevention is the best way to keep infection out. Regular cleanings and checkups can help prevent bacteria from building up in your mouth and causing an infection. We can also help identify problem areas and treat them to prevent oral issues from developing in the first place. 

Better oral care at home: In addition to providing preventative care at our office, we can help advise you on how to improve your home dental care routine so that you can better maintain your oral health in between visits with us. 

Tooth loss prevention: The best way to ensure your teeth last a lifetime is to take good care of them. We can help you by providing mouthguards to protect your teeth during sports and other physical activities where injury may occur. Also, we can provide advice on other ways to protect your smile as well. 

Save money: By preventing costly treatments in the long run, you will save money that would otherwise go towards those procedures.

Improved self-confidence: When you feel more confident about your smile, you’ll be more likely to pursue an active lifestyle without worrying about cavities or tooth loss.

Fewer emergency calls: One of the biggest benefits of preventative dentistry is the fact that you can avoid having to make emergency appointments for tooth pain or other emergencies that arise unexpectedly. If you keep your regular exams and cleanings, we can identify and treat any issues before they become painful and require emergency care. 

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